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Here you will find details of the services I provide to help companies and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow.

About Me

My Experience

I have spent the last 20 years in the electronic security industry. Starting at the bottom, moving up through senior commercial and strategic management roles, as well as having my own businesses thrown in for good measure. I've also been a property investor for many years.

But my passion really is in helping people. I have always had that entrepreneurial spirit coarsing through my veins. I started my first business at 15 years old. And I love the challenge of developing a new business in an existing market or being truly disruptive!

I have worked and consulted to businesses from new start to muti billion $. Good strategy, planning & execution is just as important in all of them.

My Skillset

I provide consultancy services to everybody from individuals with a good idea – and not knowing where to start, right up to the CEO’s of Global Companies, looking to take their business and organisation to the next level. 

I have provided successful business strategy and growth mentoring to companies in the following arenas: physical security, electronic security, health and beauty, construction, physical training, nutrition, property investment, fresh fish, marketing, design and print, artificial intelligence, video analytics.

What I offer

Refreshingly - I do not offer a one size fits all package, I work closely with you to understand your business and ambitions, then we develop a real strategy for delivering those.

Every client is different, whether its budget, product type, business aim or location, I make it my mission to support each and every client to achieve their objectives.

My fee structure is simple. We start with a free fact finder phone call – this will allow me to understand your current position and whether I can add value to it. My rate is then flat fee or agreed project by project. 

I believe in win - win - win relationships.

Contact Me

Dan England