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What do i help businesses with?

Business Development

Maybe you need help to win a specific project, or need additional talent for your team for short period. Perhaps you need some support to secure a contract.

Feasability Studies

Planning a product launch? Want to introduce a new service in a foreign country? Drive forward with your business eyes wide open!

Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance Development

Looking to embed your technology in another device? Want to partner with a major name for mutual industry leverage & benefit?

Business Planning & Risk Analysis

Going to market with something new? Or perhaps you need a clear blueprint to run your business by safely and effectively.

Product & Service Positioning

"What should the price point be? Who should I target? How do I find the customers? What do they expect? How do I stand out and get recognised?"

Strategy Modelling

Design your plan of action to achieve your long term aims. Is it possible? How do you do it

Funding & Investment Pitching

Need the added cash boost to try your business? Or want to elevate your business to the next level with some financial backing?

Growth Strategies

"I dont know how I will do it - I know what I have now and that I would like to grow - let me know the options."

'Parachuting' Troubleshooter

When you just need things fixing - sharpish - anywhere in the world. Usually a last resort - but always successful.

C - Level Mentoring

You are the CEO, everybody expects you to have all the answers - right? Specific support and mentoring (Every type and size of company does it!)

Acquisition Strageies

Looking to acquire another business, or position yourself for takeover? Lets do it right and maximise your options.

Exit Planning

When the thought of "switching off" and enjoying the fruits of your labour sounds quite appealing.

Free consultation

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